Círculos de Amigos

by Antigua y Barbuda

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Círculos de Amigos EP 10" III 2010


released December 20, 2010

Released on December 20th 2010
Recorded at Montreal Studios (bass, drums and guitars) and Mastering Of The Universe Studios (2nd guitars, keyboards and vocals)
Mixed at Montreal Studios - www.montrealstudios.com
Mastered at Mastering of the Universe Studios - www.masteringoftheuniversestudios.com




caleiah Madrid, Spain

“Una caleya es un camino secundario, un recorrido que disfrutar, en ocasiones más largo y duro, pero sin duda, un camino que ya forma parte de nuestras vidas”

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Track Name: Australopithecus
There´s not such, such thing as satisfying yourself,
There´s not such, such thing as letting it light the fire,
No thought , thought mind no sight,
Nevermind the shine,
Australopithecus, close the circle square,
Don´t let it get to you,
Australopithecus man,
Good luck enjoy as (much as) you can, with the simple stuff,
Bad luck then fucked it up, no simple things are,
No thought , thought mind no shight,
Nevermind the shine,
Australopithecus, close the circle square
Track Name: Dead Friends
Why don´t I have a secret,
One lie and 7 unknown,
Apocalypse, haven´t seen it,
4 friends riding to the grave,
Master beast, between the livingdeads,
Sinks its teeth into your neck,
Bloody flights, net vampires,
Their fangs into your neck.